About Us

BanyanTree Finance Pvt. Ltd. is advisor to BanyanTree Growth Capital ("BTGC") and BanyanTree Growth Capital - II ("BTGC - II") BTGC and BTGC - II are a USD c. 100 million and c. 175 million structured private equity funds that provide capital to middle-market companies with promising growth prospects within the rapidly expanding Indian economy.

Some of the unique features for the Fund include

1. Focus on neglected sectors/themes

2. Active co-investment strategy

3. Structured investments

4. Experienced investment team

Investment Strategy

BanyanTree looks to invest in established companies in India that:

1. are growing rapidly

2. have a distinctive competitive advantage and enjoy a robust market position

3. are run by competent management teams with a hunger for growth and value creation

These companies are unable to access traditional private equity for the following reasons:

Underserved Sector : Companies that operate in sectors which are neglected by private equity financiers because they are thought to be unattractive/ difficult to understand.

Resist Dilution : Sponsors who are convinced of future growth prospects and equity value and who, therefore, resist the high levels of dilution resulting from dealing with a traditional private equity financier.