GEI Industrial Systems Limited

Promoted by first generation entrepreneur C.E. Fernandes, GEI is a leading provider of heat transfer solutions to the oil and gas and the power sector. GEI specializes in air cooled heat exchangers and steam condensers.

The conventional water cooled systems transfer heat produced during any industrial process through evaporation of water causing heavy water losses. On the other hand, air cooled heat exchangers and steam condensers are closed circuit systems where the coolant (hot water) passes through pipes with metallic fins which act as heat sinks and release the heat to the atmosphere. Water consumption is thus reduced drastically.

It was estimated that thermal power plants discharged over 27 trillion liters of waste water in India (Source: CSE 2001) and accounted for over 85% of total industrial water consumption. GEI’s products help reduce the water footprint of these plants and make the growth in India’s energy sector more sustainable.

With the increased awareness about the environmental benefits of GEI’s products, the company was facing capacity constraints. BanyanTree’s investment will allow the company to expand its current production facility and its product offerings.