Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Limited

Based out of Mumbai, Trimax is a provider of IT system integration (‘SI’) and infrastructure management services (‘IMS’) in India. Trimax is one of the first few organized players to enter the SI and IMS market in India and has presence across 80 different locations in India.

Historically, Trimax has made a conscious effort to add value to the services it provides and has moved up the value chain. From being a hardware supplier and installer, it has moved in a direction wherein it is the one point stop solution for its clients’ system and IMS requirements. Going forward, Trimax is setting up E-Governance project on BOOT basis for Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation to computerize the Government owned bus transport network across the state. It has also been selected as preferred partner by Indian Telecom Industries to set up and manage a data center spread over 120,000 square feet for 10 years. BanyanTree’s investments will enable Trimax to execute these projects and move a step ahead towards being an integrated IMS provider having a presence across the entire value chain of the IMS segment. .

An investment in Trimax will provide BanyanTree an opportunity to make a presence in growing IMS space and capitalize on the opportunities available, which will be driven by increased Government and corporate spending, primarily to drive down cost of operations and increase efficiency of governance. Government of India and various state governments have announced E-Governance projects amounting to USD 6.5 billion to be executed in the next 5 years to provide connectivity and improve the local governance mechanism. Trimax is currently a private company and BanyanTree has a representation on the Board.